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Yankee Dryer Coating Services:

Millions of Tons of Paper Have Been Produced on Our Yankee Dryer Coatings:

Full Face Coatings: Today the application of a full face coatings to a yankee dryers is done with sophisticated coating equipment, and ground to an excellent paper making surface in about 1/2 the time of only a few years ago. Our faster grinding and spray equipment means your making paper faster than ever before and prices for this better service have gone down instead of up. That’s right more for less. So if your dryer surface causes frequent grinds, sheet defects, or is just plain getting close to derate we can provide you with some great options. We even provide coatings on new dryers.

Edge Repairs:  Dryer edge wear can be very costly to production and to maintenance budgets. We can apply a wear resistant coating to the edges of any yankee dryer to help reduce that edge wear. This application adds only a few hours to the timeline of one of our standard grinds. Don’t remove precious dryer shell thickness through repeated grinds apply an edge coating.

Spot Repairs: For smaller dryer and roll defects, TCI Inc. has more spot repair experience than any company in the world. We have saved companies millions of dollars in reduced grinding fees by providing them with quality spot repairs as an alternative to more expensive grinds. Thermally sprayed spot repairs are used to repair dryer defects such as corrosion, mechanical damage, doctor chop, or porosity that effect sheet quality. If you have planned or emergency needs, we will be happy to get you back to full production within only a few hours.



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